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Tuesday, May 12, 2009, 6:40 AM
NUDE BRA My Love For Shopping...

Nude Bra Selling at SGD 20 only!!

The Nude Bra
The nude bra, made of silicon is selling just for 20 SGD!
Help uplift and enlarge the breast

All you have to do is to simply wash it with soap and water, rinse it and let it dry. The adhesive function will regenerate once dry. With proper care and usage, the Nude Bra is guaranteed to be reusable up to a hundred times.

colours: pink ,black and beige
It is available in choice of 3 sizes: S, M and L.
size S fits Cup A - B (up to 34B)
size M fits Cup B - C (up to 36C)
size L fits Cup C - D (up to 38D)

Easy application:
Simply position Silicone bra as desired, press and go. Silicone bra's state-of-the-art adhesive is lab tested and proven safe for most skin types. You can experiment to create varying degrees of fullness by positioning bra cups closer together or farther apart.

Easy care

Take your time, detach the front closure first, then gently peel off the bra starting from top.Cleaning after each use-Do not machine wash. Do not use your fingernails or brush, as this can cause a tear in the adhesive. Do not use towel, tissues to dry. Do not clean with alcohol and bleach.Just wash with gentle soap and warm water, then rinse and air dry. The adhesive will amazingly regenerate once dry.With proper use, Silicone bra is guaranteed to stay securely in place.

How to wear
DO NOT apply the bra OUT OF THE BOX WITHOUT FIRST washing your breasts!Your natural body oil, creams, lotions, cosmetics, SUN BLOCK and powders will clog the bra adhesiveness.

SECOND:Wash your bra each night under warm running water with a liquid soap (non moisturizing) and drip dry on hosiery hooks by the clasps.Return them to their case when dry. DO NOT press towels, tissues, clothing on the adhesive side. The lint will also clog the adhesive pores!


Always wash your self-adhesive bra after each wear to remove any body oil
1. While holding one bra cup in the palm of your hand, wet the adhesive surface with warm water and add a small amount of mild soap. Gently use the palm of your other hand to create a circular motion to clean. DO NOT USE your fingernails, as this can cause a tear in the adhesive.

2. Rinse the bra cup with warm water to remove all soap residue. Shake off all excess water and place into the original tray to AIR DRY

3. DO NOT USE A TOWEL TO DRY. When your bra cups are completely dried put them back in the original tray and cover with the lid. This will prevent dust and lint from gathering on the adhesive. The better you care for your Nubra® cups, the longer they will last

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